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I'm a self-taught designer with an engineering background, specializing in simple and effortless experiences for both the devices we use today and the ones we’ll use in the future. Crafting high-quality products that people love to use is my passion, and I work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

Using the medium of motion and rapid prototyping I bring these experiences to life, visualizing the smallest interactions to entire user journeys. I strongly believe in open design, and encourage co-creation that can help deliver a better solution for users.

Accessibility and inclusion sit at the center of my process — technology should empower everyone and nobody should be left with a subpar experience.

I recently finished my BSc Computer Science degree, with my final result being First Class Honours.

Worked previously a Design Intern at Microsoft, where I was involved with products used by millions of people around the world. Check them out: Surface Duo, SwiftKey, Fluent Icons. Before that, I worked independently on critically acclaimed concepts both by myself and friends.

Awarded 2018-19 Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Windows Design.

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